SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 – This Cant Be True!


We have some shocking news on the Samsung Galaxy S22 and it may not be what you expected! #GalaxyS22 #SamsungS22 #SamsungGalaxyS22

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the upcoming flagship phone from Samsung thats set to be incredible. Today we have some shocking news that the S22 may not quite be what we expected, but we’re still in for an incredible smartphone. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the Galaxy S22. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the Galaxy S22.

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  1. Samsung is dropping the ball ROYALLY on the S21 Ultra 256gb. They did not factor in that the removal of the SD card would generate more interest in more storage and now they are on EXTREME backorder due to this catastrophic miscalculation of supply and demand. Samsung is becoming Apple and there was a reason why we didn't want Apple.

  2. Under panel camera is a total waste of time, the punch hole is not even bothersome. What I HATE is that stupid message box that says "zoomed to fill" after I zoom, as if it's telling me something I didn't know. GRRRR 😡

  3. I was going to sell my iphone 6s plus this summer because i thought it wont get ios15 but it will, but i was planning on selling and getting s21 base model. Should i wait for s22 instead? I like my old iphone only reason for replacing was not getting security updates. Will a year worth of waiting even worth it if the leaks are true?

  4. I want to know if they will bring back the SD slot. I have the S20 and have no plans for upgrading but my cousin who still has the S10 wasn’t happen with losing the headphone jack and now the sad card. He’s holding out as long as he can.

    I’m watching from Brooklyn, New York

  5. From the rumbling i have been hearing. The camera lens the main one will not be the way it looks on the renders.
    We are to expect something a little different.
    Dont expect S pen support, the Spen for the S21 was really a disaster and didnt turn out well in sales. With a Note 22 coming dont expect Spen support… the UDC tech is quite out there as we no, but the quality is really awful… its being debuted on the fold simply because they can work more around it with the different screen types and materials … but the front facing one wont be of high caliber simply cos of its limitations .

  6. Good evening from Manchester UK. I have the UK speck S21 Ultra with the S pen. I was always a Samsung fan until I've switched to Google Pixel.
    I've decided to buy the S21 Ultra, but in Europe we've been cheated with the worst chip.
    To be fare I will not buy the S22 and only because of the microchip we use in Europe.


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