The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is turning out to be an epic phone with some great decisions from samsung! #GalaxyS22Ultra #SamsungS22Ultra #GalaxyS22

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 is the upcoming flagship series from samsung and set to be their best yet! Samsung are making great decisions to make the galaxy s22 series a great choice for everyone. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the Galaxy S22. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the samsung galaxy S22.

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  1. I like flat display not curve like as iphone design. And rear camera is not good one side half design, I like upper side full camera design like as pixel 6 pro or mi 11 ultra. I think the balance is better. That is my favourite design.

  2. Looks like they s22+ battery size getting downgraded back 2 s20 ultra battery size @ 4500mAh while s21+ has 4800mAh and s22 ultra should get 5500mAh battery atleast bump it up 2 they s21 ultra because of they spen slot not being there the end layer is always on n no spen slot means bigger room 4 battery so please put 5500mAh battery.

  3. great a new phone. because phones have a shelf life of 1 year apparently. wait 3 or 4 years between producing phones and make something actually upgraded not just a fingerprint here or a megapixel there. jeez. a phone supposed to last like 4-6 years. calm.the fuck down samsung and apple.


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