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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – First Live Photos & It Looks Incredible!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has finally been revealed in the flesh thanks to multiple photo’s showing us every angle of the smartphone. While the renders gave us an idea of what we can expect the following photo’s show us in great detail how incredible the Galaxy S22 Ultra is going to be.

The leaked photos come courtesy of Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech and not only do they confirm the design, but they also confirm some of the specs.

rear of galaxy s22 ultra
Rear of the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Galaxy S22 Ultra Cameras

The rear shot is a particularly important photo of the Galaxy S22 Ultra due to so conflicting leaks regarding the cameras. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has ditched the bold camera module we saw in its predecessor and they have instead opted for a much more subtle look with this water drop style lens configuration. Jon confirmed along with the photos that we get a 108MP wide angle camera as the primary, We also get a 12 MP ultrawide, a 10MP telephoto with 3x optical Zoom and finally a 10MP telephoto with 10x optical zoom.

Galaxy S22 Ultra photo with display turned off
Galaxy S22 Ultra With Display Off

Galaxy S22 Ultra Front

The next photo provided of the Galaxy S22 Ultra shows the phone with its display turned off and confirms the overall design of the phone. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has taken a more square like form and this is indeed a merge of the S and the Note series. The look is very similar to the Note 20 ultra and while some people thought we would get a flat display we can see curves at both edges.

s22 ultra with display on
Galaxy S22 Ultra photo with the display turned on

Galaxy S22 Ultra Display

Next we have a photo of the Galaxy S22 Ultra but with the display turned on. This shot gives us a great look at the bezels, and we have nice thin bezels all round with a bit of a chin at the bottom. Its hard to fully judge the bezels given the angle the photo was shot at, but overall its a premium looking device

s pen slot on s22 ultra
Galaxy S22 Ultra Photo Of Bottom Of The Phone

Galaxy S22 Ultra Frame

Next we have a shot of the bottom panel of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This photo gives us a good idea of the thickness of the phone as well as confirming that it will indeed house the S-Pen inside the frame. We can see the smartphone will be powered by USB type-C and we also have the downard firing speaker next to it which was always to be expected.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra that has been photographed is clearly a test model, and while things can change its likely this will be the same as the consumer version. Mass production is set to start in a few weeks and launch is expected to be in January.

A huge thankyou to Jon Prosser for providing these images so far ahead of launch and we’ll be excited to see what other information he delivers in the near future. For those wanting the full specs, design and pricing of the Galaxy S22 Ultra you can read our full article here


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