The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Is looking incredible in this new trailer!
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Concept By Concept Bro & Edited By TT Technology
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Today we have the concept trailer video for the samsung Galaxy s22 ultra, the successor to the galaxy s21. The samsung galaxy s21 showed incredible success this year with its new design & top spec features, but now its time to shift focus on to the galaxy s22. This concept of the samsung Galaxy s22 is created by concept bro and shows what he thinks the galaxy s22 ultra will look like.

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  1. Its fake as fuck.The 8k display and the 240hz refr.rate gave it away😂😂 I wouldnt share videos like this if i were you as many ppl will believe its real&coming and you will not be trustworthy anymore..
    The concept itself looks very nice.

  2. I like it. My only complaint would be is regarding the SPen. They should have the SPen housed in the ultra phones. As nice as these designs are, the cases make it wider and bigger because it has to house the pen. Beautiful design though

  3. Imagine this phone going back to microSD card and Samsung releasing A 4TB microSD card For $1000 end a 4 TB version of the ultra with 64 GB of RAM were the 1tb version gets 32gb of RAM And then 256 GB is the baseline with 16 GB of RAM and I would totally pay $3000 or whatever the Price is for the 4 TB version Between $2000 and $3000.But only if It had a 8k 240 Hz display If that even becomes possible for like TVs next year then they need to put it on the phone because yes it is possible to do 8K 120 Hz From 2020 and we’re in 2021 so I hope 2022 brings 8k 240hz Or 360hz With 8K


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