The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is coming with some big changes to make it very different from the predessesor! #GalaxyZFold3 #Fold3 #SamsungFold3

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The samsung galaxy z fold 3 is the upcoming folding phone from samsung that will be the best we’ve ever seen. With so many achievements and improvements over the predecessor, the samsung galaxy z fold 3 is going to set the bar for innovation. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the samsung galaxy z fold 3. We have the official trailer video & hands on unboxing review of the latest folding phone from samsung.

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  1. In my opinion, there's no way that you own a fold 2 because any decrease in size is a no go for the other 3 people i know that have one of these, I purchased my Fold 2 because of how big the screen is, even half an inch will feel like a downgrade to me.

  2. Samsung for gods sake p l e a s e put the S-Pen back into your devices will you !?
    It's more than stupid having it attached to the outside of the devices.
    It's like going from the future back to the middle ages !

  3. From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    These phones are getting way too big.

    Waiting for a triple fold is not longer than 5.5"

    6" is already to big to carry around without a man purse. No man purse for me, thank you

  4. Im not getting the fold 3. For 2000 plus tax there should be 0 compromise. Then not putting the best camera possible is a no go. I already dont like the z fold 2 cameras. The outside camera is mediocre in comparison to flagships and the 2 front facing cameras are attrocious. My note 10 plus takes better photos with the front facing camera. Samsung is in danger of making this advanced tech a gimmick. Youll simply be buying the phone because it folds. That's not a good enough reason to spend so much money.

  5. I will make Samsung pay for making the phone have smaller screens, thinner, and lighter. I will keep my Z Fold 2, no need to upgrade. I Love that the Z Fold 2 is heavy and bigger and feels like it’s worth the price. Also I’m on strike until they put a better camera in the Z line of phones. For the price they have to deliver a better camera. I will see if they make the Z Fold 4 or Z Fold 5 or even a Z Fold Ultra, for bigger and heavier folding phone Lovers like myself.


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