SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 – They Finally Did It!


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Fixes the biggest issue with foldables! This is going to be insane! #GalaxyFold3 #SamsungFold3 #GalaxyZFold3

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The samsung galaxy z fold 3 is the upcoming folding phone from samsung and it finally fixes the folds biggest issue. New confirmations have shown us just how good the z fold 3 is going to be and why Samsung expect much higher sales. In todays video we go through the specs, design, launch date & price of the galaxy z fold 3. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the galaxy z fold 3.

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  1. As a happy Fold 2 owner, you cannot see the crease while you are using the device. It vanishes. If you hold it at an angle it becomes apparent, but get the phone in your hands before you decide to pass on it. Really, it's a non-issue.

  2. I wish app were optimized its a good phone i have been using it as my daily phone and dropped many times i had survived till today main concern are the app which are really weird due to its resolution hope it gets solved one day plus the inner display protector availability would be really good 👍🙂

  3. I'm excited by the innovation but acquisition of the Fold is simply a non sequitur for me. I can't for the life of me find any use for it given the Note, tablets (Surface Prof for me, which I rarely, if ever, use), and laptops (XPS 15" 9500). I guess it'll appeal to, first of all, people who can afford it and those for whom exhibitionism trumps essential workflow and efficiency. Don't get me wrong. If someone gave me one, being the geek I am, I'd gratefully pocket it. However, there's pretty much 0% chance I'd buy it, without the least amount of regret or envy. I'm much more excited by the Galaxy Book Pro lineup, not this generation–since it's underwhelming by comparison to what's out there–but hopefully the next. Anyway, thanks for the news item. Was interesting.

  4. Not sure what you are referring to when you say the ZFold3 has "huge improvements" over the ZFold2. I have been using the ZFold2 for 3 months now. I love it! But the stats of the new model are not much different than the ZFOLD2's. So, a bit thinner and there won't be any buttons… Big deal! And the crease in the middle is literally unnoticeable. It's only visible if you hold the phone in wierd angle to try to see it. Otherwise this model looks like and has pretty much the same specs than the Z Fold2. However the new Samsung 3Fold model (recently revealed) is completely different, but that's not the Z Fold3.

  5. I love my Notes! I've owned everyone since Note 2, came over from iPhone never looked back! Typing this on my Note 20 Ultra 5G Mystic Bronze! And it's a phenomenal phone! I will NOT leave Note line until Folds are ip rated the same and fully Spen compatible (inside it) not a case! No!…. Samsung The Note Line got you where you are today! Don't drop it! I'd like to see a hdphone back and ir sensor (doesn't anyone else miss changing the channels on your TV with your phone?!? Or having the led notifications! And yes I know we can still get light up notifications….but the simple little light was perfect! Ugh tech companies always wanting to fix what isn't broke!

  6. Worthless show peice with Number game & Gimmick marketing… Atleast iphone devices are low on Hardware but USER EXPERIENCE & App optimization every thing speaks louder than Samsung's Paid promotions & Make Apple WORTH BUYING.


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