SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 – This Cant Be True!


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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is looking insane but all these rumours can’t be true! #GalaxyZFold3 #ZFold3 #SamsungFold3

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The samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 is the upcoming flagship folding phone from samsung and its incredible! With leak after leak the Z fold 3 is coming with some impressive specs but all the leaks cant be true. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the z fold 3 along with the new rumours that are a little too good to be true. We also have plenty of trailer videos and hands on footage of the z fold 3 illustration.

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  1. Come on Samsung .1000 dollars for a phone is unacceptable and unfair.why Samsung do you keep strangling customers necks until they become struggling financially with debts and mentally without money brings bad business .remember samsung there is no business without customers.a phone should not cost more than 500 dollars period.come on Samsung listen customers first if you want keep progressing otherwise the smartphone era would come to a bitter ending.peace and be smart.

  2. Considering the entire point of the fold is to have a larger screen, they really are about to pull "a swing and a miss". Smaller screens, no expandable memory, no real additional features, since virtually no one cares about the s-pen thing. That's just something they're pushing, simply because the elites like it. Not the people. The fold 3 was somewhat exciting before this particular video, unfortunately. I had assumed the phone company, by getting rid of it's Note line of phones, in favor of the Fold, that they would make the Fold better. Not worse. I can understand getting rid of the headphone jack, because they had a tendency to go bad fast, and interchanging it with a usb-C adapter for the headphone that could be replaced if it goes out, and provided the Bluetooth either doesn't work, or people decide not to use BT. But smaller screens, no extra memory included, no expandable memory, and adding an S-pen, is a deal breaker. If they wanted to sell stuff, they clearly don't want to market to the people, just the Financial whales or political dictators aka Elites. Who else would make a decision based on crappier quality, everything.

  3. Love everything about the Z Fold 2 and Z Fold 3, but lower-grade cameras (compared to S 21, Note 20 Ultra) and the skinny front screen make me less interested in going Z Fold. S Pen is a step in the right direction, but camera and screen size on the front display make this phone uninteresting ultimately.

  4. I personally need it to be a little bit more durable. For someone that goes camping frequently, outside a lot and work outside in the elements. I need to feel a little more comfortable with his beauty in my pocket.

  5. To sum up the video, there is no definite answer to when the phone is going to be released, and any information you hear about the phone is likely false and nothing more than a rumor. You're welcome.


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