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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 – The Best Fold Yet!

We finally have our first set of leaks coming in for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and its all good news!

After its predessessor arrived in August this year there was a lot of excitement for the new fold, but it was unfortunately met with disappointment by some over the camera system.

fold 4 in hand

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Camera Upgrades

Leaker Fronttron has tweeted this morning to advise that surprisingly the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be keeping its underpanel camera system, and infact extending it to the outer case.

Its Predecessor only had an under panel camera on the inside display but according to Fronttron the z fold 4 will also have one on the outer display. Thankfully he advises that it will be a better camera system, and with an extra year to work on the technology we will hopefully see some better results!

Another dissapointment with the previous release was a worse camera system than the S range of phones but tron advises we will be a better camera system, and goes as far as to say it will be like the Galaxy S22‘s.

While this may drive the price of the Z fold 4 up a little, it may be a good mover as for such a premier phone with a premium price tag, its a shame to let its specs fall behind in the camera department.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Hardware Upgrades

While the previous fold was the first to support the S-Pen, it of course didn’t house it inside the phone. According to a tweet from Chunv this morning that will no longer be the case, and the s-pen will be help inside the z fold 4.

Chunv has stated that all of the Z Fold 4 prototypes will have a built in S pen & that is essentially the focus of this model.

This makes sense as last year was the first to support it, so housing it has to be the next step. This is also the strategy with the S range, as the S21 was the first to support the S-Pen and the S22 will be the first to house it.

Along with this it will of course be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (898) and come with improvements in display and software features. Its unlikely that size will increase given their focus has been portability, and this means we probably wont see an increase in battery capacity either.

What We Want To See In The Z Fold 3

galaxy z fold 4 front view

The Z fold series have been improving drastically through generations and making sensible refinements to try and grow market share for foldables.

Apart from the upgrades mentioned above the real improvement we want to see is the crease in the display. As Ice universe pointed out the crease is becoming very apparent in the Z Fold 3 despite initial rumors of it being non existent and it seems to be one of the main put offs for people not switching to foldables.

If they can remove the crease with a better display, a better hinge, or even just improve it that little bit further then we can see a lot more success for the range.

Of course this is very early stages and we’re not going to be seeing the official Launch until August 2022 but its great that we have information coming in already.

As always with early information it is based on prototypes and other inside information so many things can change up until the launch. Let me know your thoughts in the comments though.

What do you think of these Z fold 4 leaks? and who out there is waiting to purchase one?



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