SAMSUNG – Unbelievable Innovation!


Samsung have just showcased incredible innovation that shows us the future is now! #FoldingDisplays #ExtendingDisplays #InDisplayCameras

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Samsung displays create incredably innovative displays and are arguably the best display mobile display manufacturer. In todays video we cover all the latest tech coming from samsung and even a glimpse of the fold 3 & galaxy s22. We have rollable displays, foldable displays, stretchable displays and more. Todays video really showcases how far we are into the future of smartphones & displays.

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  1. Watching on Z Fold 2, That rollable formfactor hits the sweet spot for me. So a Galaxy Note rolling into a 8" screen would be it. I'm buying for sure. Triple fold is simply not pocketable for me.

  2. An expanding screen yet people thought a moving camera was a mistake….. 🤷‍♂️ Love Samsung since the S2 but Oneplus or Google will likely be my next device. Tired of Samsung holding back and giving Oneplus better displays than they put into own devices…

  3. you said something in your presentation that probably went over alot of heads. Luxury. lots of us can only admire from afar. but i think if any of us would want any of these devices were gonna have to wk our ass off to get it. personally i fell in love with the tablet but being a realist I know its gonna have a base starting price $1.200. cant afford that right now but i still love it


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