Back in September Samsung unveiled the worlds first 200MP smartphone sensor the ISOCELL HP1

It was initially assumed that this sensor would make its debut in the Galaxy S22 Ultra but of course thats not the case, and that smartphone will be using an improved version of the 108MP HM3.

Ice universe tweeted yesterday to advise that the new 200MP HP1 will actually make its debut with Motorolla next year, followed by Xiaomi. He advises that Samsung will not be adopting it until 2023 which means it will likely be in the S23 Ultra.

The upcoming Motorola Edge 30 Ultra could be a likely candidate for the sensor but this has already been rumored to feature a pair of 50MP sensors. Either previous information was incorrect or they have another flagship on the way that we’re not aware of.

When it comes to the Xiaomi phone again Ice universe did not tell us the exact model, and while many are speculating that it could be the Xiaomi 12 that has also been tipped to arrive next month.

Digital Chat Station previously told us on Weibo that Xiaomi were working on a flagship phone that will couple a 200MP camera with a 50MP camera but did not go into any more detail.

200mp isocell hp1


The new isocell HP1 is a 1/1.22″ sensor with 0.64 um pixels. It uses all new chameleon technology and allows for 2×2 or 4×4 pixel binning.

When placed in the 2×2 mode we get 50MP images with 1.28 um pixels, and then in the 4×4 we get 12.5MP images with a 2.65 um pixel size.

The sensor offers support for 8k video recording at 30FPS & 4K video recording up to 120 FPS.

No further details were given by samsung but we can imagine it features some of Samsungs latest technology like Super-PD Plus.

Overall its looking like an impressive sensor that will produce some high resolution photo’s as well as being able to cope in less than ideal lighting.

As we here more on the sensor, or the phones it will be used in we’ll update you straight away.

As always though, let us know your thoughts in the comments. Do you think this will be a successful sensor? and what phones do you think it will be used in?


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