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The Apple iPhone 14 Could Be Faster Than We Expected

While it’s still early days we’ve been getting lots of information on the Apple iPhone 14 and while most if it is promising we previously had bad news about the A16 Bionic chipset

Thankfully while previous reports were not false, it appears that it may be possible for apple to greatly improve the speed and performance of the iPhone 14.

Iphone 14 Chipset

The iPhone 14 is going to be powered by the A16 and while previous reports suggested this could be a 5nm chipset (making it the same process node for 3 years running).

a16 apple 3

A new report has suggested that despite the ongoing issues with chipset manufacturing TSMC who manufacture Apples A chipsets may be able to make 3nm chips in the second half of 2022.

In simple terms the lower the process node of a chip, the more powerful and efficient it will be, and when it comes to smartphone chipsets we generally see a drop of 2nm each generation.

A new report states that TSMC may still be able to produce 3nm chipsets in the second half of 2022 which means they could indeed be placed inside the iphone which will be released in September 2022. With Apple being TSMC’s largest customer and already having orders in place, if the chipsets are available then Apple will get them.

apple a16 chip iphone 14

Of course if this doesn’t happen and apple don’t get the 3nm chipsets manufactured, they’ll either be using an enhanced 5nm Node, or even a 4nm Node. This means there will still be improvements in power and efficiency , just not to the same amount as planned.

iPhone 14 Overall

Of course theres more to a phone than just the system on chip, and regardless of which one they used we’ll see improvements in cameras, features & many other aspects of the iPhone 14. This is also reportedly going to be the first year we see an iPhone with a punch hole selfie camera instead of a notch.

For those interested in the full specs, design & price of the Apple iPhone 14 you can read our full article here. But let me know your thoughts in the comments, Do you think they will get the 3nm chips in time? and does it even matter to you if they dont?


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