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The New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Will See Some Major Upgrades

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is reportedly coming with many upgrades to make it a viable upgrade from its predessesor.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series is the best selling foldable phone in the market and Samsung are reportedly making some big improvements to the next generation model, The Z Flip 4.

Reliable analyst Ross Young tweeted this morning to tell us that the cover display will see an increase in screen size. He didn’t give us the exact size but tells us it will be 2″ or larger, compared to the z flip 3’s 1.9″ cover display. This backs up previous rumors we’ve seen and we could well be in for a slightly larger device overall.

Previously Chunvn888 on twitter has told us of multiple upgrades coming to the Z flip 4. He reported back in March that we could see a triple camera setup this time around, although the camera quality will not be as good as the Z fold 4. He also reported that we would not see under panel camera technology which makes a lot of sens, it would not only increase the handset cost, but the technology is no where near good enough just yet.

He also advised of a larger battery capacity that could be somewhere between 10-20% more than the z flip 3 as well as advising us of cover display size increases.

Samsung won’t be doing too much to change the Z Flip 4 from its predecessor considering the success they have had, but major improvements like this will certainly go along way. With these upgrades on top of the new chipset then this willbe a very desirable phone.

Unfortunately that’s all we know at the moment apart from the obvious upgrades like the new chipset powering the device, but as soon as more information comes to light we’ll be sharing it straight away.

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