This Is Insane For 4K Movies, TV & Gaming! XGIMI Horizon Pro


The XGIMI Horizon Pro is an incredible projector for all needs and produces very impressive results!
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The Xgimi Horizon Pro is an incredible projector with a native 4k resolution suitable for movies, tv shows and gaming. The XGIMI Horizon pro makes things easy to use, has android tv 10 built in and packs an impressive 2,200 ANSI lumen brightness.

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  3. Currently I have the Xgimi Polar, but I am interested in buying the Horizon pro, my question is if I can do screen mirroring without wi fi on the new Horizon pro, thanks in advance.

  4. Forget netflix with any xgimi product working natively. It simply won't happen. I've had a mogo pro for 1.5 yrs now and they kept promising they were "working on getting this with netflix…" then now with the horizon pro. Either netflix are being twats or xgimi simply don't want to invest in obtaining the certification which no doubt incurs costs on their side. That point aside, this product is FUGN awesome! I've had it now for 2 months and it's propelled our family movie nights onto the next level with our setup (of needing a unit which can be put away when not in use and not needing any additional peripherals connected for an all in one solution). So glad i got it with the super early bird 300 quid off the RRP too.


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